Neuroscience: A Comprehensive Approach

Body: Members of our highly skilled team have extensive training and the experience
necessary to offer the latest and most effective treatments for a wide range of
neurological disorders.

Mind: One of our priorities is helping our patients and their families understand their illness and treatment options. It is important to us that patients know they are partners in their diagnosis and treatment, and we are committed to taking as much time as needed to answer any and all questions about diagnosis, treatment, prognosis and any other related questions.

Resources for our patients and families include patient navigators/care transition coordinators, support groups, community lectures and social workers. We also invite you to visit our health library as an additional resource.

Spirit: Our neuroscience resources, from our personnel to our facilities, are among the most advanced and highly recognized in our area. Complementing our world-class health care offerings is CHS’s Pastoral and Spiritual Care Program.

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